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Ph.D. Student using Molecular Dynamics simulations to study substrate specificity in proteins. Passionate about science communication, mental health, and making higher education more accessible to all communities.

  • Name: Kira Mills
  • Program: Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry - The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Email: KiraRMills@gmail.com
  • Phone: (813) 416-7956



Ph.D. - Chemistry & Biochemistry

The University of Texas at Dallas

Advisor: Dr. Steven Nielsen

Research Interests: Computational Chemistry, specifically the use of MD simulations to study proteins.


B.S. - Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude

Texas A&M University - Commerce

Advisor:Dr. Bukuo Ni

Research Interests: Organic synthesis, specifically the use of a diarylpyrolinol silyl ether derivative as an organocatalyst for asymmetric cycloadditions.



Teaching Assistant

The University of Texas at Dallas

Courses:General Chemistry I & II Labs

I supervise the students as they perform experiments, as well as instruct and guide them in chemistry topics, lab protocols, and use of Excel to analyze data. I've also worked with Dr. Aman Sra, senior lecturer, to revise the lab schedule to ensure all students are adequately prepared, regardless of previous education or experience.


Ronald E. McNair Scholar

Texas A&M University - Commerce

The McNair Scholar program is a federally funded program to assist first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students prepare for graduate studies or other post-baccaleurette programs. By being a Scholar, I performed a 10-week undergraduate research project under the guidance of Dr. Bukuo Ni, focusing on organic synthesis. I also had the opportunity to present my work at multiple conferences, both orally and in poster-form.


Chemistry and Physics Tutor

Texas A&M University - Commerce

I performed both one-on-one and group tutoring for students in general or organic chemistry, and college or university physics. My major task was disseminating the concepts into language understandable by my tutees, which varied greatly by their own experiences and educational background. I also created study guides and practice problem worksheets in order to better help them prepare. During my last year, I was allowed to lead a 1 credit hour "Workshop" class for general chemistry in which students worked in groups to go through practice problems relevant to their lecture.


My Blog

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How can computers be used to study proteins?

Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations combine the fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry to predict and describe the movement of molecules.